BackerKit Deadline Approaching

Proofs Approved

The printing process has gone well. I’ve received and approved the F&G proofs. “Folded and Gathered” proofs are the last step before seeing a finished project. The page quality and color is exactly as it will appear in the book, and the pages are cut to the dimensions of the final product. All that remains is to sew the signatures (the packets of pages) into the binding of the hardbacks and paperbacks. You can see what the F&Gs look like below.

There's my baby with her guts spilled out all over the table...
There’s my baby with her guts spilled out all over the table…


Just waiting on binding
Just waiting on binding

I’ve already confirmed shipping addresses and timetables with both Kixto and IPR. They are both ready to receive pallets. The dice have already been shipped to site, and international dice already have their VAT paid. We’re just waiting on Asia Pacific to finish the binding, load up the pallets, and send the books on their way.

Sept. 2nd Deadline

We are on pace for the September 2nd deadline. Here are some things to note.

If you do not complete your survey and pay shipping through BackerKit by September 2nd, you will not receive physical rewards. The need to pay shipping fees through BackerKit was communicated during the Kickstarter campaign and subsequent updates. Hebanon Games has neither the money, time, inclination, nor responsibility to debate, renegotiate, or acquiesce on the issue of shipping fees. The majority of backers have already filled out surveys and prepared for the charges (thank you!). Those that do not pay their shipping fees by the September 2nd deadline will not receive a book; their books will be resold to the general public once Red Markets goes live on IPR. This information is being mirrored on our BackerKit account, the Red Markets websites, and the author’s personal accounts; “I didn’t hear about it” will not be accepted as an excuse.

If you cannot be charged through BackerKit on September 2nd, you will not receive physical rewards. Hebanon Games is not responsible for the individual finances of backers; the funds for shipping fees, add-ons, and pre-orders need to be made available September 2nd. Errors in charging cards by BackerKit and/or Stripe will be dealt with by the publisher and through those services. Errors in charging cards that result from a failure to enter the correct card number are the responsibility of the backer. Efforts will be made to help in instances where mistakes were made in good faith, but the book’s shipment will not be delayed by individual billing issues. Hebanon Games will not be paying to ship rewards in instances where cards could no be charged.

Add-ons and preorders will no longer be available September 2nd. All physical add-ons and pre-orders (i.e. books) will be shipped along with original backer rewards (i.e. books and occasionally dice). Additional copies of Red Markets and preorder copies for those who missed the Kickstarter will not be available through BackerKit after Sept. 2nd. From that point forward, physical copies must be purchased through Indie Press Revolution and other licensed distributors. If you have friends that still wish to preorder the book before Sept. 2nd, please direct them to the following link:

Please ensure your address, credit card information, phone number, and email address are all updated in BackerKit (NOT Kickstarter) before September 2nd. This information is of vital importance to the delivery of your goods. The need for an address is obvious, as is the means of paying shipping fees. The contact information is necessary in case fulfillment services need to contact you to resolve problems.


  • Address 
  • Credit Card Info 
  • Phone Number 
  • Email Address

Finally, Digital awards will be distributed electronically through BackerKit as they become available. I will resume my typical progress updates once the shipping of physical rewards is completed and out of the way.


That’s everything people need to know about the upcoming deadline. For those interested in more details, here’s what I can tell you.

  • September 2nd: Backerkit surveys are locked, credit/debit cards are charged, and preorders/addons shut down
  • September 5th: Hebanon Games pays shipping fees to the printer, and the pallets exit China headed towards their respective warehouses.
  • Approx. 1-2 weeks: Pallets of books arrive in the USA and UK.
  • Soon After: I transfer the shipping/handling/packaging fees collected from BackerKit to the fulfillment services. Red Markets goes on sale through IPR.
  • Upon Payment: Fulfillment services begin shipping backer rewards, add-ons, preorders, and first sales to customers.
  • TBD: Books and/or dice arrive at the whim of your national postal services.
  • In Future: Funds collected from the Backerkit tipjar, preorders, add-ons, and sales will go towards a new round of contracts for the layout, art, and writing of stretch goal digital supplements.

If there are additional questions or comments, please let me know in the comments or via direct message. I can be found on twitter @HebanonGCal. Don’t forget to listen to my podcast The Mixed Six, and the many Red Markets actual plays over at RPPR (with another campaign in progress).

Again, thank you for all your attention and support. Here’s hoping we’ll all have books very soon!