Character Sheet PDF
Crew Sheet PDF
Negotiation Sheet PDF
Scam Cheat Sheet DOC
Red Markets Playmate PDF (the game can be played using poker chips as trackers with this mat)
Gear List PDF

Gameplay Tools

Character Template by Adam L. (form-fillable, printable auto-calculates values, and includes random generators)
Form-fillable Character Sheet PDF (just form-fillable; still need the char. gen. rules)
A Red Markets Web App (Eric Bright is continually updating this one-stop-shop for all your RM needs, including digital negotiation sheets, random generators, and inventory trackers)
Collaborative Score Sheet (Daniel made these fantastic sheets for tracking group score creation)
Opposed Score Sheet (Daniel made these fantastic sheets for tracking group score creation)
Printable GM Screen (Daniel finishes the hat trick with an utterly amazing GM screen ready to bring and play)
Boom/Bust Playlist (Daniel does it again with a  trendy checklist to keep track of your campaign’s Boom/Bust variants)
Market Forces Tracker (Drew makes a fantastic tool for Markets to use to track the enemies facing their Takers)
Massive List of Taker Names (Thanks to more than a thousand Kickstarter backers, we have an obscenely large list of Taker names you can pull from for NPCs)

Actual Plays


LifeLines (the dedicated forum for Red Markets fans)
@HebanonGCal (designer’s Twitter)