Red Markets in Print and PDF Available at Indie Press Revolution

Hebanon Games is proud to be partnered with Indie Press Revolution for the sale and distribution of Red Markets. If you see an IPR booth at your local convention, get over there and support your hard-working indie designers. But if you can’t wait that long, get a book shipped to your house today using the link below.

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PDF Available from DTRPG

The full-PDF of Red Markets is now available for sale at Drive-thru RPG. If you aren’t quite ready for the print book, it’s got everything you need to run the game and hyperlink navigation.

Best of all, unlike Indie Press Revolution (our print distributor), DTRPG has a review feature! Reviews of the game would be ENORMOUSLY HELPFUL, and DTRPG is a great place to drop them. Help us out!

Red Markets Quickstart Guide

The Red Markets Quickstart Guide boils the game’s core mechanics down into less than 20 pages while the rest of the guide provides pregenerated characters, GM tips, player aides, and a starter scenario to get people playing immediately. Pass the PDF around the group to get everyone on the same page, or just try before you buy. Whatever your needs, games only truly live when they are played, and the Red Markets Quickstart Guide will get you playing faster than ever before.

Click the link and buy today!

Performance: A Red Markets NovelĀ 

Interested in the world of Red Markets? Performance is a novel that takes place in the game’s setting, written by the designer himself. The book is available in a variety of formats: print, e-reader formats, and even an audiobook performed by the talented Fae Kells.

Print-On-Demand through Amazon
E-book through Drivethru Fiction
Audiobook/e-book through Drivethru Fiction



Red Markets Merchandise

Get all your Red Markets march from Tee-Public: t-shirts, mugs, phone cases, and the works. More designs added regularly.

Red Markets Merchandise