Some very talented people helped make Red Markets possible. Their fine work can be found elsewhere on the internet as well. If you’re a lucky game designer, you might be able to secure their services.

Przemek Lech

Przemek Lech is an illustrator and concept artist out of Canberra, Australia. Midway through the Red Markets Kickstarter, “Prez” approached me (Caleb, the game’s publisher) with some fantastic character designs and a desire to work on the book. He was utterly professional, quick, and skilled throughout…then I went and forgot to include his name on the contributor’s page. The book was printed by the time I figured my dumb mistake, so now he has to suffer in print.

He enormous contribution to the game is acknowledged on the PDF now, at least. He also gets first billing here as much for his skill as my guilt. You can check out his work at DeviantArt and on ArtStation.

Chris Cirillo

Chris Crillo is a cartoonist, illustrator, and graphic designer by trade and recently delved into the world of podcasting. He’s created pieces for several RPGs and supplements such as No Security, Base Raiders, and its supplement Boiling Point to name a few. On top of game art he wrote and illustrated the webcomic “Digital Celluloid” for over 4 years, contributed several entries to anthologies by Gurukitty Studios and illustrates the title cards for each episode of his podcast “Al Dente Rigamortis” where along with his co-host, discuss a different creepy pasta every week. His work can be found on DeviantArt and Tumblr.

Kim Van Deun

Kim is an illustrator and concept artist whose first RPG game, ‘The Dark Eye’ sparked her ambition to become a fantasy illustrator. Her parents quickly put out the flame (gently) and pointed her head towards a ‘real’ career. Luckily, Wizards of the Coast and countless videogamesv kept the ember alive during this unfortunate period responsible young adulthood. Finally after some years of being an academic researcher and employee for some companies, she decided to throw the steady fat paycheck overboard and embarked on a journey into the land of RPGs, TCGs and computer games as a full time freelance illustrator. She never looked back.

Clients include Catalyst Game Labs, Mongoose Publishing, Schwalb Entertainment, Hyacinth Games and Robotic Potato to name a few. Most work is still midway in the hectic and chaotic pipeline known as publication process.

You can find Kim’s portfolio here and here, or you can read her blog.

Patsy McDowell

Patsy McDowell is an Irish illustrator currently resident in London. He has contributed work to Base Raiders, Ruin and various other RPPR-related projects regularly since graduating from the University of Westminster in 2014.

Some of his work can be found on his blog, at One day he will quit his day job, but not today.




Michael Plondaya

Michael Plondaya is a illustrator, concept artist, and biologist. He’s worked on personal projects like the Oddfield Survival Guide and the Monster Initiative where he is planning to illustrate all the monster tokens in a certain magic card game. He wrote and illustrated a booklet for 826 Valencia called How to Fight the Ocean, and is doing concept work for an upcoming game called A Dragon Named Coal. Currently he is working on several RPGs, one called Odd Roads which deals with travel, horror, and big rig trucks.

You can find his fractured works on Tumblr, support him on Patreon, or get a taste at his Gumroad.

Darrell Claunch

Darrell Claunch is an ex-video game artist/current visual effects artist who is spending more and more of his time as an illustrator. As a game artist, he worked on over two dozen titles on the Nintendo handhelds for publishers such as Popcap, Nickelodeon, and the Jim Henson company. As a visual effects artist, he has added shine and beautified shots for such feature films and television shows as Bones, Sleepy Hollow, Mad Max Fury Road, Avengers: Age of Ultron, Star Trek Into Darkness, Life of Pi, Jurassic World, Guardians of the Galaxy, and over 40 other titles. His illustration work thus far consists of cover art for the RPG game Base Raiders and several indie movie posters. He is always on the lookout for his next project and a better, stronger coffee. Find him at or his DeviantArt.

Kathryn Perez

Kat is a voice actress and graphic designer that also works as a librarian. She’s done voice work for Codename: Cygnus, various radio ads, and has done graphic design for various companies and universities. Her primary duty on Red Markets is asset creation. Her intense attention to detail makes her an invaluable asset to the team. She’s also been known to stream video games in her spare time here, and her voice reel can be heard here.



Kyle Carty

Kyle is a writer and graphic designer who daylights as an accountant. He’s freelanced for SlangDesign and ENWorld in various capacities. In 2013, Kyle created an entire card game from the ground up. Dreams of Typhon’s Kickstarter was a success. Kyle’s primary responsibilities for Red Markets are layout and asset management. Kyle’s other work can be seen on Tumblr and on Facebook.




James Beatham

James Beatham is a freelance illustrator. He has done art and merchandising work for singer-songwriter Jack Garratt. More of his work can be found at







Laura Briskin-Limehouse

Laura works as a cataloging librarian, writer, editor, and actual play podcastor. You can hear her group’s playtest campaign of Red Markets over at, follow her blog on writing and gaming, follow here on tumblr, or bother her @LauraB_Writes .

Ross Payton

Ross Payton is the founder of Role Playing Public Radio, one of the longest running RPG podcasts online. He is the author and designer of Base Raiders, Zombies of the World, Curriculum of Conspiracy, and a number of other fine RPG projects. He has done extensive freelancing work with Arc Dream Publishing and Posthuman Studios. You can further support his work by backing his Patreon.

Caleb Stokes

Hi! I’m Caleb Stokes. I’m the founder and owner of Hebanon Games, an indie RPG publishing company dedicated to supplemental releases and original products. Red Markets is Hebanon Games second major Kickstarter project. The first book, No Security: Horror Scenarios in the Great Depression, funded for $6805 with the help of 250 backers. The book is now available for sale at DTRPG in print, and PDFs of the individual scenarios are available on a pay-what-you-want basis.

I’ve also participated in other major Kickstarters as consultant, primary author, and contributing freelance author. For example, my campaign book for Greg Stolze’s Better Angels (No Soul Left Behind) funded for $13,283 with 376 backers. Though the good people at Arc Dream ran the campaign, I was responsible for the video, promotion, and authorship of the whole 250+ page book.

In a similar role, I’ve made smaller contributions to other major RPG projects in the past, including Transhuman for Posthuman Studios and the recent Delta Green RPG campaign. In addition to freelancing for other RPG studios and running Hebanon Games, I’m a frequent contributor at Ross Payton’s Role Playing Public Radio, one of the longest running RPG podcasts online. There, in addition to joining the cast of players, I co-host a podcast specifically about the development of Red Markets called RPPR Game Designer’s Workshop. I’ve also recorded numerous playtests of the system, many of which are released and available for free download now.